Origins: Maui, HI

Education: Brooks Institute

Current location: Boulder, CO



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I grew up on Maui, privileged to have spent my upbringing on such a beautiful island rich with cultural diversity. My parents are from Arizona, which I consider my second home. When I was 14 years old we trekked out to Mexico from Phoenix to meet Mormon cousins living in Colonial Juarez. I was recently given a point and shoot camera and went absolutely crazy with it, documenting everything from the landscape, the people, to a dead cow on the side of road that I made the car stop for. I discovered how rewarding it is to explore and better understand your surroundings through photography.

In school, I was trained primarily in photojournalism, where I learned the phrase “making chicken soup out of chicken poop.” Thinking quickly to make great images despite less than ideal situations at times was an indispensable skill I honed. I loved being a “stringer” for local publications, even though my naturally introverted personality was constantly being challenged. I had experiences that never would have occurred if it wasn’t for being a photojournalism student - witnessing highly emotional worship in a Baptist church, learning the art of taxidermy, following around paramedics in their ambulance… The list goes on.

I took as many classes as I could that were also outside of the journalism scope. Even though I was often times quite out of my league, I still challenged myself and took food, fashion, nature, even under-water classes. In the end, I had immersed myself in every aspect of photography and developed a style unique to myself. 

After graduation I visited my best friend from Brooks in her hometown of Oslo, Norway, which began a 5 month solo journey traveling Europe. I was fortunate to be able to travel for as long as I did, with my camera to document the adventure.

When I came back to the States, I visited another dearly close friend of mine from high school in Boulder after we were able to re-connect in Italy. I immediately fell in love with Colorado and decided that this was the place I wanted to live, though I wasn’t sure quite what direction I wanted to take with photography. As luck would have it, I met a photographer, Michael Lichter, at an ASMP meeting some months later. His assistant had just left and was desperate for help on his annual trip to Sturgis for the infamous motorcycle rally. I needed the work and didn’t think twice about signing myself up for it. Three years later and it’s hard to believe that I’ve had the opportunity to work for such a successful photographer like Michael. My knowledge of the craft has tripled and I’ve seen what it takes to run a business.

The time has come for me to go off on my own. As someone who has been an assistant for a few years, the prospect of leaving my full time salaried position is daunting to say the least, but as the Hunter S. Thompson quote goes… “Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?"

I currently reside in beautiful Boulder riding my beloved Harley-Davidson Sportster and gym climbing in my free time.